The UK's most expensive ice cream

The UK's most expensive ice cream

Date: Thursday, September 14, 2017

Selfridges has collaborated with Snowflake Luxury Gelato to create an extravagant take on the classic summer time treat - the original 99 chocolate

Only theirs is a sumptuous £99 “Gelato Flake” made by Snowflake’s skilled Maestro Gelatiere where the traditional wafer cone, prepared by hand, is dipped in organic Madagascan chocolate and covered in individually-placed gold pearls.

There are different treats inside the cone: rare Madagascan chocolate, caramelised pecans, two massive gelato spheres – one of many, ginger and passion fruit and one of rich dark chocolate and a luxury Belgian white chocolate truffle filled with salted caramel sauce. There’s also salted caramel soft serve gelato made with exquisite Persian Blue Salt.

And to top this decadent treat: raspberry sorbetto macaroon decorated with a white chocolate glaze, Persian sea salt and edible diamonds; a gold leaf-coated chocolate flake; a pipette full of mango, ginger and passion fruit sauce; gold chocolate spoon; and finished off with a glistening piece of edible gold leaf.


Also known as the Billionaire’s Soft Serve it takes four and a half hours to make each and every delicious component of this luxurious gargantuan dessert.

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