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Our Approach

Established in 2007, ROKK is already widely acknowledged as one of the food industry and ice cream industry’s foremost machinery brands.

From the expertly sourced, premier and well-recognised components right through to the rigid stainless steel chassis, ROKK captures and embodies solidity, reliability and quality in every single machine it constructs. As a result, our machine's food and ice cream production seems effortless while yet still producing a superior and highly desirable end product each and every time.

Having sold machinery in every corner of the globe including the UK, Holland, Australia, and Mexico, ROKK has quickly established itself as one of the most popular and aspirational brands in the food processing and ice cream machinery industry. Indeed, there are now more ROKK rotary filling machines operating in the UK than any other current manufacturer.

All ROKK machines come with a one-year warranty and the business has experienced service engineers, fully trained in both electrics, mechanical and refrigeration, on the road and on call 24 hours a day should they be required.

“With the service, the quality and innovation of the machine as well as the end product, I would highly recommend any ROKK machinery to any food processing or ice cream manufacturer.”

Garry Buller, Managing Director of Yarde Farm Ice Cream