ROKK Processing food processing machinery | Introduction

Food processing and ice cream machinery introduction

ROKK is the world's leading brand of food processing and ice cream machinery including multifunctional industrial mixers, high-pressure homogenizers, continuous freezers, filling machines, self-contained mix plants, batch mix plants and robot fillers.


Simplicity is one of life’s little treasures that in a demanding world of complexity and unnecessary jargon often gets overlooked or even forgotten about.

Our food processing machines are designed to make the process of ice cream production as undemanding as possible and bring that little bit of simplicity back to the lives of manufacturers around the world.

Every food processing machine in the ROKK range captures the very essence of simplicity and blends it with the finest components and a solid construction to ensure that the very latest industry innovations are accessible to everyone.

Concentrating on producing a quality end product rather than a complicated manual, ROKK’s machinery masks innovative internal structures and technology with a simple and easy-to-use external interface, allowing manufacturers to have complete control of their production lines with just a touch of a button.

Simple: Easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.: a simple matter; simple tools.

Mass production markets are established with maximum profit in mind, and are a primary source of poorly made, short-lifespan machinery.

At ROKK, we believe this is a shortsighted business model that doesn’t have a place in our industry. Our approach is to concentrate our efforts towards creating fewer machines but, that are hand-built, solid, reliable and attract a loyal, happy client base.

All of ROKK’s food processing machinery is constructed on over-sized stainless steel chassis’ to create a heavy, stable platform that is essential in ensuring that the high-quality internal components can operate at their maximum efficiency, while simultaneously reducing vibrations and noise pollution. This allows for an end product to be produced that not only meets but exceeds all expectations.

Void of all unnecessary complexities, ROKK uniquely unites power, solidity and reliability in all of its machinery to create an aspirational range capable of setting new standards of performance across the industy.

Solid: Firm, hard, or compact in substance: solid ground.

In a principally seasonal industry, the importance of being able to depend upon the machines that lie at the very heart of the business can’t be over-estimated.

With a finite window to make a large proportion of annual profit, any downtime could spell disaster and cease even the smoothest of operations.

That’s why at ROKK we take great pride from expertly sourcing the premier and well-recognised components that go into making each and every one of our food processing machines the most consistently reliable in the food production and ice cream production industry.

It is this superior practicality, performance and longevity with less downtime that sets ROKK’s machines apart and provides manufacturers with the means to lift the strains of everyday food and ice cream production while remaining safe in the knowledge that a quality end product is being produced without fail.

Dependable: Capable of being depended on; worthy of trust; reliable: a dependable employee.