ROKK Processing Expands Range with the Launch of the RIF 1500 Ingredient Feeder

ROKK Processing Expands Range with the Launch of the RIF 1500 Ingredient Feeder

Date: Friday, September 14, 2012

ROKK Processing has expanded its range of high-quality and aspirational ice cream machinery with the addition of a new, durable and highly efficient ingredient feeder, the RIF 1500.

The latest addition to the range, which maintains the ROKK philosophy of being simple, solid and dependable, uses a lamella pumping system to allow for flavour enhancing clusters such as chocolate, toffee, sweets, candy, fruit and jam to be uniformly added to a continual flow of ice cream.

With a maximum ingredient dispensing capacity of 200kgs per hour from its 30 litre hopper, the RIF 1500 is supplied with two feed augers which are machined to different pitches to ideally suit the size of the supplementary ingredients being added and guarantee a steady, controlled feed.

Phil Darvell, managing director of ROKK processing, commented:

“The RIF 1500 is a robust and highly dependable machine. With its large hopper, ice cream manufacturers can literally load it up and walk away, safe in the knowledge that the ingredients will be gently yet consistently added to the flow of ice cream and won’t cause blockages.

Indeed, each RIF 1500 ensures that the inlet of the pump is always open to avoid the bridging of sticky products such as toffee, fudge and chocolate.

Phil continued:

“If a machine has a tendency to block then it clearly needs to be manned every time it is used – a situation that is obviously desirable to avoid at all costs. The RIF 1500 on the other hand has been manufactured to the highest specification and despite being simple to operate, it incorporates various innovations to avoid such events occurring, leaving manufacturers to concentrate on other jobs around the factory.”

The RIF 1500 has a maximum ice cream flow of 1,500 litres per hour, is fully adjustable and has three internal variable speed motors that independently control the auger, pump and blender. Coupled with an easy to use electrical control panel, manufacturers can simply and accurately manage the entire process from beginning to end.

Each unit is constructed on a 100% stainless steel over-sized chassis to reduce vibrations, noise pollution and guarantee long-lasting reliability. The inner working parts are a unique blend of stainless and special alloys to allow different sectors to efficiently and effortlessly work together.


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