ROKK Experiences Increase in Orders as Manufacturers Aim to Exceed Consumer Requirements for High-Quality Ice Cream

Date: Sunday, November 15, 2015

At the beginning of the year, many reports suggested that a new type of consumer would appear; being more savvy, and indeed demanding, with their buying habits than ever before, wanting luxury products for less and a service, whether online or offline, to match. The reports were correct with consumers throughout the world happy to pay a little extra as long as the quality in their purchases was present, and the trend is anticipated to last well into 2013.

As a result, ice cream manufacturers are turning to ROKK’s machinery to maximise the quality of their end product and fulfil, if not surpass, the requirements of their customers.

Phil Darvell, managing director of ROKK, commented: “Business does generally start to get a lot busier around this time but this year it’s really taken off and we’re receiving multiple orders from manufacturers all over the world, every week. Our RR3800 filler is a prominentindustrial ice cream machine and is proving to be particularly popular.

“ROKK was established on the principle that its machinery would be the best available, producing the highest quality results at every stage of production and, with the traits of the post-recession consumer undoubtedly continuing into 2013, manufacturers are taking our quality, adding their own in terms of ingredients and expertise and producing the luxurious ice cream that the market demands. As a result, customers will be happy, sales will be maintained, if not increased, and a rolling ecosystem of supply and demand is created, leading to a healthy and profitable business model.”

ROKK offers a wide range of high-end, aspiration ice cream machinery including its renownedice cream pasteuriser and RFE and RF series of continuous freezers, to name but a few. For more information about ROKK and its machinery, please visit or call +44 (0)1455 220 179.

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