ROKK 3-Tank CIP mobile cleaning in place system

ROKK Clean in Place (CIP)



The ROKK 3-Tank mobile cleaning in place system can sanitise food and dairy processing machinery at the end of their duty cycle, and each time hygiene requirements must be complied with.

Suitable for processing plant capacities up to 1200 litres per hour and individual tanks up to 2400L, the MOBILE CIP system provides the simple control of sanitising solutions, cycles and temperature. The system consists of a 100-litre detergent tank, 100 litre rinse tank, 100 litre fresh water tank, delivery and return pumps and a control panel all mounted to a mobile stainless-steel frame. All the units are interconnected by stainless steel pipelines. All items are high-quality and designed to ensure the maximum reliability and duration of the machine. It is built completely in stainless steel and anodized anticorodal depending of the sanitary standard requests.


Capacity 3 tanks x 100 litre
Pumps 2 – delivery and return
Max Water Temp 90°
Total installed power 25 kW
Pump flow rate 6,000 litres / hour
Electrics Built to suit local electrics
Weight (kg) 215 kgs
Machine length 960 mm
Machine width 1300 mm
Machine height 1185 mm

General Construction

The frame of the machine is 100% stainless steel. A good indicator to build quality and durability is the weight of a machine, the heavier the machine the more emphasis has been put on quality. Unwillingness to compromise, or just ‘make do’, shows an engineering commitment to give that little extra every time without cutting corners.


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Servicing for this machine

All ROKK machines come with a one year warranty, backed-up by highly skilled, experienced and approachable service engineers, fully trained in both electrical, mechanical and refrigeration.

“With the service, the quality and innovation of the machinery as well as the end product, I would highly recommend any ROKK machinery to any ice cream manufacturer.”

Managing Director of Yarde Farm Ice Cream


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