Cooker / Cooler / Mixer

Main Features

  • Made from AISI304 stainless steel.
  • Teflon or similar plastic food grade materials are used.
  • Maximum capacity of the bowl is 5l. Product processing capacity is min. 1,5 l., max. 2,5 l.
  • Dimensions in mm (Length x Width x Height): 1060 x 925 x 1400 (+/ -35).
  • Total weight is 200 kg.
  • Working ambient temperature should be between 12°C and 35°C.
  • Operating voltage 220 / 380 / 410 V, the maximum frequency is 50/ 60Hz, respectively.
  • Vacuum pump is used.
  • Maximum vacuum (negative) pressure in the bowl; -0.5bar, the maximum positive pressure, 1.5 bar, respectively.
  • Maximum temperature in the jacket is 133°C.
  • Indirect and / or direct steam could be applied into the product.
  • Steam pressure should be between 1-1,5 bar.
  • Steam pressure to nozzles for direct steam injection should be 2,5 - 3 bar.
  • Maximum operating temperature for the product is 110°C.
  • There are 1 steam nozzles for direct steam.
  • Steam consumption is approximately 10 kg/h.
  • Cooling water can be applied from the wall.
  • Water pressure should be between 3-6 bar.
  • Air pressure supplied to the machine is 6-8 bar.
  • The speed of the knives motor varies from 0 to 3,000 rpm while could be regulated with inverter control on the touch screen (HMI) upon recipe.
  • There are two knives made of hardened steel material (Made in Germany).
  • There is one scraper.
  • On the touch screen, may be sited the target temperature, the amount of process water which will be let it the bowl through flowmeter, vacuum application and the speed of the knives motor. 10 different recipes may be saved upon production.
  • The machine has integrated steam generator with 25 kg/h capacity. (optional)
  • The machine has integrated air compressor. (optional)
  • Lid is manually removable.
  • Bowl is manually removable.
  • Steam, water and vacuum suction hoses are made up of Teflon which are dressed with spiral stainless-steel bellows.
  • Steam is filtered up to 1-5μml. (Made from 316L stainless steel, operating temperature is between -20°C / +210°C, cleanable and reusable).

Technical Data

Machine Data

Bowl capacity 5 (I) approx.
Batch quantity (product-dependent) 1,5-2,5 (I) min.- max.
Net weight of machine 200 kg
Max. vacuum in bowl -0.5 bar
Max. over pressure in the bowl 1.5 bar
Max. operating temperature in the bowl 110 °C
Max. operating pressure in the double jacket 2.0 bar
Max. operating temperature in the double jacket 133 °C
Min./max. compressed air 6-8 bar
Steam 10 kg/h

Energy Requirement

Main motor, frequency-controlled 0,75 kW
Scrapper's motor 0,12 kW
Vacuum pump 0,75 kW
Power 220/380/410 - 50/60 V / Hz

Spare Parts

  • Lid seal - 1 piece
  • Scrapper - 1 piece
  • Steam filter gasket - 1 piece
  • O-ring of knives' motor shaft - 1 pieces
  • O-ring of bowl locking system - 1 piece
  • O-ring of steam nozzle inlet - 2 pieces
  • PT100 temperature sensor - 1 piece
  • Cable of PT100 temperature sensor - 1 piece
  • M18 Inductive sensor with cable - 1 piece
  • Single contact relay - 2 pieces
  • Double contact relay - 1 piece
  • Winman valve - 1 piece


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Servicing for this machine

All ROKK machines come with a one year warranty, backed-up by highly skilled, experienced and approachable service engineers, fully trained in both electrical, mechanical and refrigeration.

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  • ROKK CCM 5