ROKK Series 7 Homogeniser

8 Series Homogeniser (7,500 – 25,000 litres / hour)


The ROKK 8 Series high-pressure homogenizers and piston pumps have excellent performance and reliability in the latest design concept.

ROKK 8 Series homogenizers / piston pumps are available with capacities from 7,500 – 25,000 litres / hour as no stage, one stage or double stage depending on the application.


The MonoBlock (compression head) is manufactured out of a high tensile, corrosion resistant, forged, ultra-high quality stainless steel and checked for imperfections using ultrasound equipment. The compression head for sanitary applications provides an in-line flow pattern and minimises the number of sealed areas. The block features removable top, bottom and front flanges for easy maintenance and has an ultra-clean design without dead ends. The semi-spherical valves system allows smooth machine operation, for both low and high-viscosity products.


Number of plungers 3
Capacity From 7500 - 25000 lt/h
Weight 2500 kg
Water Consumption 90 l/h
Lubrication Oil ISO VG 150 32 l
Gearreducer Oil ISO VG 320 13.0 l
Motor Power 75 kW

Machine Features

  • Designed according to the EU safety rules (CE standards)
  • Engineered, manufactured and tested according to ISO EN 9001 Quality System
  • Engineered and designed for easy maintenance and cleaning (CIP and SIP)
  • Suitable for abrasive and viscous products
  • Ceramic-coated stainless steel plungers
  • Cobalt carbide material suction and delivery valves & valve seats
  • Tungsten Carbide homogenising valves
  • Compression Monoblock head formed by single forged block in special stainless steel
  • Automatic homogenisation pressure controller with pneumatic adjustment (optional manual)
  • Stainless steel construction (Frame) and electrical panel board
  • Less footprint with ergonomic design
  • Sanitary design analogue diaphragm high-pressure gauge
  • V belts drive train and gearbox speed reduction unit
  • AC motor drive


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Servicing for this machine

All ROKK machines come with a one year warranty, backed-up by highly skilled, experienced and approachable service engineers, fully trained in both electrical, mechanical and refrigeration.

“With the service, the quality and innovation of the machinery as well as the end product, I would highly recommend any ROKK machinery to any ice cream manufacturer.”

Managing Director of Yarde Farm Ice Cream


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