The Saffron Ice Cream Company

We’d like to introduce you to Dominic Parry, who has been Managing Director of The Saffron Ice Cream Company, based in Saffron Walden, North West Essex, for six years.

Dominic uses a ROKK RFE400 continuous freezer for the production of dairy ice cream and dairy free sorbet and we caught up with him to ask what he thinks of the machine and company.

L-R Dominic Parry, Managing Director and Harry Bond, Production Manager, The Saffron Ice Cream Company

Meet the customer:

Name and position: Dominic Parry, Managing Director, 6 years.

Company details: The Saffron Ice Cream Company, Saffron Walden, North West Essex.

Products: We have been producing dairy ice cream and dairy free sorbet for six years and specialise in taking ice cream back to its British heritage. Our ice cream is produced with real, honest ingredients - no chemicals or emulsifiers/stabilisers. We make flavours people know and love - a British hedgerow flavour range.

Favourite ice cream flavour: Henham Honey & Lavender - different but delicious and refreshing.

What do you do when not making ice cream: I catch up on sleep! I also enjoy travelling, cooking, sports and working on my 1959 Vespa project.

Meet the machine:

What machinery do you use: ROKK RFE400 continuous freezer

How would you rate its performance: Superb, it does everything it was promised it would do... and more!

How easy is it to operate: Very simple, the lights and buttons were daunting to start with but it's so simple to use.

What’s the best feature about it: Being able to pot up tubs direct from the machine!

Has it ever let you down: Touch wood not yet.

Is there anything you would change about it: I would like a digital/automatic air incorporation device as they have on bigger machines, and a shorter outlet pipe for the ice cream would mean not having to bend over so far when potting up.

What do you prefer about your ROKK machine to the previous machines you have used: It creates a more uniform product, it’s quicker, and I think I’ve already mentioned that I like the ability to pot up tubs directly!

Your views on ROKK and Machinery World:

What’s the best thing about the team at ROKK and Machinery World: Their experience in the ice cream world and knowledge of the machines. 

What makes the team different from others in the marketplace: Professionalism!

Have you ever used the engineering department: Yes

Would you say they are:

  • 1.Industry experts who really know their stuff
  • 2.Helpful, efficient and always ready to solve a problem, no matter what it is
  • 3.The sort of people you feel you can rely on
  • 4.All of the above

Have you used the spare parts arm of Machinery World, Dairy Bits: Yes

Could they supply what you needed: Yes